Santosha Yoga began in 2005 by yoga teacher Andrea Kwiatkowski .

Santosha Yoga began in 2005 by yoga teacher Andrea Kwiatkowski .

The word Santosha is an ancient word in Sanskrit meaning contentment.

Santosha Yoga is committed to providing the physical, mental and spiritual tools for well-being for all. Our mission is to inspire, connect, educate and inter-relate ancient philosophy with yoga in the world around us. Yoga asks –

How can we live a simple life which brings us an understanding of contentment?

Yoga  teachers us to look at our life through a different lens  . The yogis nature  is  to look deeper into things, to go to the root, to explore our unhappiness and to find a place of contentment within. To be conscious means to be aware at all times of how we are and who we are.

We regularly fundraise and support  the following:

Sue Ryder Hospice ( – a local hospice in Peterborough Cambridgeshire

R.S.P.C.A ( – an animal charity in the UK

The Dogs Trust ( – sponsoring 3 dogs at various kennels in the UK

P.E.T.A ( – a charity that works to provide education and welfare for all animals

Sponsor A Puppy ( 

Ovacome ( – a cancer charity for women

As well as various other charities that include fund-raising  for –

Azahar ( – a yoga foundation set up by Yogaswari  a senior Jivamukti teacher to teach yoga to war torn countries such as Cambodia

Everytime you support a Santosha Yoga event, workshop, you will be making a difference to these causes.

“the best thing you can do for your own happiness is to do all your can to make someone else happy” – Sharon Gannon